Best Stephen King Books

Who comes to mind when you think of an excellent horror or science fiction writer? I bet many would say Stephen King as one of the best. Born in September of 1947 in Portland, Maine, when he was only two years old his Dad left the house and never returned, leaving his mom as sole supporter. Throughout his life he has encountered many tragedies and initially as a child he also witnessed a dear friend being struck down by a train, killing him instantly. As a young man he started his career selling his stories to Cavalier Men’s Magazine, many of which were later published in a collection called ‘Night Shift’. In 1973 one of the first and most famous novels he wrote was rescued from the trash by his wife as she encouraged him to finish it – the story of a certain physic teenage girl named Carrie. This was later published by Doubleday books shortly before his Mother died of cancer.

In 1975 he subsequently wrote another of his most famous novels titled ‘The Shinning’. In the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s he published several short stories under the pseudonym of ‘Richard Bachman’. In the summer of 1999, King, while walking on the side of a highway was struck by a car, from which he suffered from a collapsed lung, many fractures to his left leg and a broken hip. Following that accident he made the announcement he was going to stop writing due to the stress of the injuries he sustained from that dreadful accident, yet he has continued to write though at a slower pace. Many of King’s Novels have been made into major motion pictures and mini series for TV. On top of all this he also managed to overcome a drinking and drug addiction making his life story itself a remarkable one.

Stephen King : IT
Salem's Lot
The Dead Zone Book
Carrie book
11-22-63 Book
Pet Sematary
Fire Starter
The Eyes Of The Dragon
The Talisman Book
The Long Walk
Insomnia Book
Thinner Book
Gerald’s Game Book
Needful Things NOVEL
Christine Book
Sleeping Beauties
Revival Book
Black House Book
The Outsiders Book
The Dark Half Book
Mr Mercedes Book
End of Watch Book
Desperation Book
Under the Dome Book
the Running Man book
Lisey’s Story book
Roadwork book
Cycle of the Werewolf book
The Colorado Kid book
Duma Key book
Finders Keepers book
Doctor Sleep book
Dolores Claiborne book
Blaze book
Cujo Book
Joyland book