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It : A Novel – The classic horror novel by Stephen King titled “IT” is really about growing up and understanding life and what the will to live can overcome. The story takes place in their hometown of Derry, Maine and shows a very grim outlook for children there. A nightmarish monster exists and lures children close and ingests them whenever it wakes. The story features the characters discovering the monster and evading it until their adult lives. Now they must destroy it before it kills them. This means that it will take the power to stand up and kill an otherwise otherworldly creature. The task may seem simple, but it takes a lot to really accomplish.   See More

THE STAND – Let me give you a bit of an idea about the remarkable post-apocalyptic, horror and fantasy novel, The Stand, written by critically acclaimed author Stephen King. It’s a demonstration of the plot in Night Surf, a short story King had written and originally published in 1978. It was in 1990 that the novel was re-released as The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition. Because The Stand was so well received by Stephen King fans, ABC created a television miniseries based on the novel. On top of that, Marvel Comics developed a graphic novel. Best Stephen King Books  See More

CARRIE – Carrie tells a story of Carrie White who is bullied quite badly in school and she realized that she does have a power which is telekinesis so the character of carry yourself is brilliant like she is really well-written and you’ve really empathize with it you do feel really sorry for it and then you’ve got her mother who is just like a proper Jesus worshipper that’s not a thing but we’re gonna go with it who is amazingly written and it’s so interesting to read between the relationship between Carrie and her mother it is fantastic well I really like about this book is telekinesis it’s not just shove down your throat the whole time this is more about Carrie White being bullied which leads her to realize that she’s got telekinesis it’d have been so easy just to have it all about telekinesis power but I really liked how he stuck with like the boolean aspects.  See More

THE SHINING – The Shining is one of the Stephen King novels that I will cite as my favorite very frequently this is a story of Jack Torrance who is a somewhat abusive alcoholic struggling writer ex-teacher who takes a job as a caretaker at the Overlook Hotel the hotel has shut down for the winter and Jack and his family are gonna go up to the hotel and live in the hotel over the winter and kind of like mine of the boiler etc Jack also has an ulterior motive for visiting the hotel. He hops that the secluded environment will allow him time to write his play because he really does have writerly ambitions Jack’s son is named Danny and he possesses. Best STephen King Books  See More

SALEM”S LOT – Ben Mears has returned to Jerusalem’s lot after 25 years away to work on his latest novel he quickly becomes friends with Matt Burke a teacher at the local high school and begins a relationship with Susan Norton then begins writing a book about the Marston house an abandoned house in the town where he had quite a horrific experience as a child the Marston house is then bought by Kurt Barlow who wishes to open an antique shop in the town however he seems to be away on an extended business trip and only his business partner Richard strake has ever seen around then people start to go missing. Best Stephen King Books

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MISERY – One night while Paul Sheldon lives in Colorado he gets into a pretty serious car accident and gets banged up pretty bad and he would have died if not for the presence of Annie Wilkes his self-proclaimed number-one fan and he saves his life and starts to go about the business of nursing him back to health the problem is not only is Annie Wilkes his self-proclaimed number-one fan she’s also completely insane she loves the misery series she thinks there is no better series of books on the planet but then she finds out that Paul Sheldon has in fact killed off the main character of misery. Best Stephen King Books See More

11/22/63 A Novel – The story of jay keping he is an English teacher from Lisbon Falls he has a friend named Al and Al runs a diner in town he reaches out to Jake and tells him about a time travel portal which is in the back of the storage of his diner and he shows him the way through where it takes you back to Derry in 1958 now every time you go through this portal you end up at the same place and at the same time and Al has been going back and forth a lot over the years but now he’s sick and he’s dying and he then shares his kind of project or ambition about going back and forth with Jake. Best Stephen King Books See More

THE GREEN MILE – The Green Mile there is a little bit of magical realism but all it does is add to the story the cast of characters is actually pretty small for a Stephen King novel so despite this being a slice to shot a novel then some of Stephen King’s tomes we get to know a lot of people quite well the prisoners the guards and mr. jingles Paulette combs does share a lot of the character traits that Stephen King is fond of for his protagonists but he actually feels like a fresh character here occasionally it has read into some of his other books as a little bit repetitive and stale. Best STephen King Books See More

THE DEAD ZONE – Johnny Smith’s lips over while ice-skating and hits his head he’s knocked unconscious and while recovering he mumbles a strange message and quickly forgets the accident in 1970 the now addled Johnny Smith visits a carnival with his girlfriend Sarah he manages to win repeatedly at what seems to be a fixed game of the Wheel of Fortune after taking Sarah home he gets into a car accident and wakes up four and a half years later only now he knows things he shouldn’t about people when he touches them Greg Stillson wants to be President and when Johnny Smith touches his hand he sees. Best Stephen King Books

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PET SEMATARY – Louis creed and his family moved to a beautiful home in the snow Maine it seems too good to be true a loving family a great job and idyllic home and even the friendly pet cat and a road outside their house used by speeding trucks and at the rear of their property a cemetery that has been used by generations of local children to bury their pets and beyond the cemetery well there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed so I mentioned a while ago I think that I hadn’t actually read Pet Sematary and I just got told by so so many people that is one. Best Stephen King Books

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